Welcome to Present Engineering Works

We provide all type of structural roofing solutions, which could suit the beauty of your dream home we design our roof according to your home, Where you could find stability, durability and the prime factor “QUALITY” one of the most salient features of “Presentengineering” is that we can complete our project depending upon client’s needs

Our Experience

Over the last 10 years “Presentengineering” have full filled the dream of lot of our clients, who are still in touch with us.

Our Services

  • Polycarbonate roofing works.
  • All type of metal Engineering works.
  • Electrical & plumbing works.
  • Flooring works.
  • Aluminium works.
  • Steel piping works.
  • Readymade hand rails.
  • False ceiling works.
  • Painting works.